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We pick you up where the Mankind have Began, ancient’s history and evidence, amazing landscape and wildlife, People and their Culture, beautiful Indian Ocean, beaches around coast and Islands.

By our mother nature we are granted with so many things to offer you.  Including:- Adventure Safaris, Mountain treks, Cultural tours and Beach Holidays together this combination makes East Africa Tanzania in particular becomes the best Safari Select destination in the world.

Kwetu Afrika Trails is the brand bring new hope and new eye of these captivating Adventure.


Kwetu Africa Trails is selling quality safaris which most of the companies are not selling.

The quality of the Safari means competent guides with good knowledge and well trained. When you read our guests reviews on different platforms it shows you the difference between us and other Safari companies. Kwetu Africa Trails means leading your way home. We are Tanzanians and we truly love Tanzania. We also care about our country and how it has been blessed with great landscape, wildlife, people and a long tradition of hospitality. Apart from Safari business, we love what we do and our passion is not just to be a tour operator but to be your best friend ever in Tanzania, 

“Karibu Rafiki”.

our tour services

Our services are a combination of uniqueness and quality; we are offering the world of travelling to all tourists who are coming to East Africa and Tanzania, a memorable trip and unforgettable experience.

Our huge experience is displayed from ordinary service to extraordinary service and great comfort, sunrise and sundown balloon safaris and all other great moments to leave you with a life time experience on wildlife safari.

tanzania travel programs

The adventure wildlife safari in Tanzania is the next strep of accepting who you are and how you are part of the creation. Clearing your mind while you take pictures on board, enjoying seeing the beautiful African savannah plains of Serengeti decorated with majestic king of the jungle and many preys to complete together in dignity a destined cycle of life.

mount kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is also the fourth most topographically prominent peak on Earth. The first people known to have reached the summit of the mountain were Hans Meyer and Ludwig Purtscheller, in 1889. The mountain is part of Kilimanjaro National Park and is a major climbing destination. Because of its shrinking glaciers and disappearing ice fields, the mountain has been the subject of many scientific studies